I took a train up to New Hampshire to pick up a shiny 2004 BMW M3 Coupe in Alpine White. The day started out fun with the original train being delayed multiple hours, but I was able to take an alternate which got me there in time. Spoke with the owner, looked over the car, and off to the DMV we went to get transport plates for the trip back to NY.

While in the passenger seat I didn’t think the ride was too bad, considering the car is on 19” wheels and a coil-over suspsension setup. The DMV took about 45 minutes, and the staff was actually friendly. I then stopped by the seller’s house, picked up the stock suspension (just in case), and went on my way.

Very quickly I realized the ride quality was not good with the way the car was.

M3 as received

The car is low, very low. It also has an aftermarket exhaust on it. It also has tinted windows. I tried not to attract attention driving through multiple states to get back to NY.