The car is being worked on at Bimmers Only in Bedford Hills, NY.

Bimmers Only has identified a few areas of concern:

  • There are indeed cracks in the subframe, contrary to what I was told. This is unfortunately not an inexpensive fix. Turner Motorsports kit on order.
  • Fan clutch needs replacing.
  • Serpentine belt need replacing.
  • Aftermarket suspension has near no travel in the rear, this is getting ripped out and the stock suspension is going back in.
  • The brake wear sensor in the front needs replacing (this was known).
  • Door actuator needs to be replaced.
  • Rear seat / trunk latch needs to be replaced.

There are a few others which I neglected to write down. Unfortunately I’m not sure if the vehicle had the solid lifters adjusted recently or not, that may be another item to address.

At minimum the next owner of this M3 can rest assured that proper maintenance will be done on it. I firmly believe in doing the right thing, even if it costs a little more during the lifetime of ownership.