A familiar sight to some.

M3 Engine Bay, Laptop, and Scope

I did something very similar a few years ago on my 330. This time I have my own Rigol DS1054Z scope, though. Checking continuity on a few pins going to both the instrument cluster and the DME. The Battery charging pin, oil pressure switch, and oil level sensor - all three of these have a simple internal connection in the DME on connectors 3 and 4. I had not noticed until today, but they are literally right next to each other - always on the extreme end of either connector 3 or 4.

Also, it seems, that the oil level sensor connection isn’t actually needed as of the build date of this car - the data (temperature) comes right off of CAN. I think older builds did use it though. Other things like “Engine Start Signal Feedback” - not even in the wiring harness. I did use the scope to look at the oil level sensor, and it’s the same as on the 330. I won’t have exact oil levels, but I should be able to get the temperature working, which is the important part.

I’m pretty confident with the harness I came up with - but I’m not sure of the timeline - the 997.1 work is coming first, as it’s needed first. I also will be lending out my development ECU for some quick testing, so that will also delay calibration of the M3.

As far as the 997.1 related items, 997.1 Turbo support is in the works. I am currently back in the assembly code, tracing data that was not needed in the initial firmware for the GT3 RS, but is now useful. Cruise control stalk has been found, so this enables cruise control again. Future alternate indicators may be possible (eg Driver Switches using the stalk, then oil pressure indicating A/B).

As additional subtypes are now supported, the correct vehicle and gearbox type must now be selected from a menu. No auto support yet, but there has been some interest expressed by some, item demand will dictate order of items being worked on.

The next few weeks should be very exciting.