This weekend was quite productive. We wrote some code for Project 2016A1 which allows us to get us control over the instrument cluster as we would like.

There was work done on the M3 project: Mounting Bracket

The picture above is the mounting bracket which was once for a ProEFI kit, which is where this all started. If it was not for the frustration there, we’d probably not be in business today. Also, do note the similarity between the AEM driver and the ProEFI one - they’re both made by the same company in Germany. Except one is cheaper. You’ll be seeing more of that grey connector in a moment.

Current State of Harness This is the current state of the harness - far from pretty, but it’s grown a bit. In the bottom left, that is the extra wires that are only used on the 330. Again making use of spare parts - they have been put into a nice weatherproof connector for holding. Moving to the right, is connector A which has the SMG CAN bus connected, along with provisions for a CAN sinffer. Then moving more is connector B, and to the rightmost of the table is what is supposed to be my ‘extra sensors’ breakout, but lazy me never re-pinned the sensors. So it’s power and ground basically. Also boost control is on there. On the middle left you can see the grey connector which was originally used to connect to the resistors in the back to fool the DME there were still fuel injectors connected. Now it has been used for the ‘conflict wires’ - things that put sensors and ground, or sensors and voltage sources, or voltage sources and ground together if not modified appropriately. I used that connector so I can swap this harness between both vehicles with about an hour or so to just move pins around. Not recommended to do often. :)

It definitely took longer than anticipated - I had to add in more new wires than I thought I would. But I have the entire week to check using the multimeter that things are going where they are supposed to be. Then on Saturday afternoon I should be able to at least get the car started. At the moment I only have narrow-band O2, so I need to look up heater control algorithms for the LSH series sensor. I will then using the error codes from the SMG TCU determine what data is missing, and get that all going. As long as I can get the car to go into 4th gear, we can tune it and I can fine tune things from there.

Nothing on the 997 except some documentation cleanup this week. Just needs testing. There’s another Porsche project going on in the background. (Technically I’ve got 4 projects going in parallel including the M3 and 997. They will be time-sliced equally moving forward.)