The main project being worked on at this moment is the M3. After learning a bit of the Motorola CPU32 assembly language, and the way things are done there, I got a lot of the data I needed. I am a bit stuck at the moment due to some lack of clarity on memory addresses being shared between the 2 CPUs the MSS54 ECU has.

Therefore I went back to looking into the 330 SSG support - by looking at MS45 code. This is a PowerPC based ECU. It looks extremely foreign compared to C167 processor code, but not so far off from CPU32.

The other ECU that is available for the 330 is the MS43. I already did some work on that, but there was some missing information which made a few things unclear. Using what I knew for certain, I was able to understand what I was reading enough to get all of the data for the ID that the transmission controller transmits.

As my good friend over at Obsidian Motorsport Group had alluded to in a conversation I had with him, I was missing a key piece in my control strategy, and that was confirmed by reviewing the code.

At this point, I am looking at another ECU which also controlled the S54 engine to see if I can find similar code in there as the MSS54, and expect to make progress on that.

After the M3 is done, I am confident I will have both variants of SMG/SSG working very soon.