Gather all the data!

Over a few days leading up to today, I received inquiries about my 997.1 package from two different sources. One is from a shop in NJ, and the other was from an individual with a 997.1 with a Tiptronic transmission.

Previous to this week, I had code which worked on the 997.1 GT3 RS without any issues. Due to that it was a manual transmission vehicle, and factory traction control doesn’t do all that much, having ballpark values for torque, and the correct multiplier in the data stream is enough to make it work. The rest of the important data going to the cluster was all correct. However, there is only so much you can get out of a working car without attempting to trigger error states on purpose - unless you look at the code that’s in the computer.

I drove to NJ, and set up the CAN sniffer on the 997.1 Turbo vehicle. The data I already had was good. I also found a few devices which only live on the AWD cars. Armed with this data, I went back home, and set about tracking down the IDs in the assembly code.

At this point, all of them have been identified:

  • 3 High speed IDs coming from the DME.
  • 1 Medium speed ID coming from the DME which is used for fan control and the instrument cluster.
  • 2 Low speed IDs for which the purpose is not entirely clear - this piece of the code is a little bit hard to follow.
  • 2 High speed IDs from the automatic gearbox (not in use in the car from which the data was retrieved, but found in code.)
  • 2 ABS IDs
  • 2 Instrument Cluster IDs
  • Cruise Control Module
  • CAN Gateway Module
  • AWD Module
  • Steering Angle Sensor
  • Climate Control Unit
  • Airbag Control Unit

After identifying all of the units, I went back to the items being sent out from the DME and got more exacting values. So now instead of a general idea of the torque values, I know exactly which each one is. I also have all of the error states for the items which are on/off switches for showing when things are happening, like when the pedal position sensor is an error state, or the brake switch is, etc.

I am in the process of refining the package with all of this new information, and should have something ready soon.

One of the pieces of information which I do not have is the engine reference sync mode. That will determine how the package is split up. If all of the 997.1 cars use the same sync mode, then there will be one package. If the cars with GT3 top-ends use their own sync mode, then there will be two packages to choose from.

Retail pricing has been set at $1400 for M150 packages. If you want to run this on a M190, please contact me.