Every item the stock Porsche 997.1 DME is acting upon is at minimum being logged or being acted upon now in the Drobnak Software 997.1 package. We can even shut down the engine if the airbags deploy (user configurable, of course).

There are two main questions remaining to have the package finalized:

  • Crank trigger pattern for the non-GT3 cars. (This may be standard Bosch 140/40 pattern, but no data to back this up yet.)
  • Behavior of the cruise control stalk when buttons are held down. There is a distinct bit set when a button is held, and it is unclear if the original bit gets unset, or if both get set.

On the assumption that two different Engine Sync Reference modes are necessary, that means there will be a GT3 specific package, and a non-GT3 package for the 997.1. I have finished determing the torque values which are needed:

  • Optimal torque
  • Optimal torque with ignition differences taken into account (knock)
  • Optimal torque with ignition differences and traction control requests or gearbox requests
  • Minimum torque using only ignition differences
  • Engine Friction Torque
  • Maximum Torque
  • Driver’s requested torque
  • Actual torque taking into account all reductions

Most items are already completed. The rest will be finished shortly. The minimum torque items requires data from the stock vehicle - the manufacturer has put together tables which specify the maximum ignition retard that the engine still runs, and then another table which is the maximum retard that the engine runs without damage. There is a timer which switches between the two. I will be putting this functionality into the package, along with the data for the stock Turbo cars. I have data for the S as well, and with some work should have the data out of the GT3 RS ROM.

This protection functionality is only in reference to traction control / gearbox, as Anti-Lag would likely not be in line with what the imagined usage patterns are…

The package is available for Motec dealers to purchase immediately. While the crank pattern and cruise data is verified, I can send out a development ECU for testing. The MoTeC M1 is an extremely powerful platform, and I am glad to be developing for it!