Motec M1 Build

Drobnak Software can save you time. Lots of it.

We love integrating Motec M1 with stock subsystems.

We have successfully integrated with BMW E46 series vehicles, as well as the Porsche 997.1 GT3 RS. Both of these packages will be avilable shortly from the Store. We sell both our custom packages as well as a full line of MoTeC products.

Some of the features included in Drobnak Software packages are detailed below:


We have true integration of E85 flex-fuel using the well-known Ethanol Content Sensor. We are one of the few (possibly only) which report both content and temperature, allowing for both to compensate fueling more accurately.

MAF as Load

Have a wild setup that really only works as Alpha-N? A good alternative is using a Mass Air Meter, which accurately records the amount of air ingested in the engine, allowing for smoother running characteristics.

CAN Integration

We have extensive experience with Bosch based systems, and can get your instrument cluster and other car subsystems receiving the data they expect, quickly and accurately.