As a result of finishing up this round of the Porsche 996/997 package, I have returned to working on the M3 package. I have ordered dual wideband lambda, a MAP sensor, and a known air temperature sensor for the airbox so that I can calibrate the vehicle in the next few weeks. It’s been running on a very rough calibration, and to move forward I need to work on that.

I have recently gotten some interest in the Manual gearbox version of the package, and am in the process of cleaning up some of my features from the SMG version to generate a new release.

The idle control algorithm will be in grams/sec, as we know the actual duty-cyle to flow rate of the idle air controller. It’s unclear how I wish to handle main throttle control at this time, if it will be like standard GPR, or the whole system will be torque based.

In other news, M3 Instrument Cluster lights can represent either the current Engine Speed Limit, or Oil Temperatuere.

More coming in the next few weeks!